An upgraded version of our corporative website, more up-to-date and functional, is now available. You will find more contents and all the services that INYSUR CONSULTORIA has at the disposal of its costumers.

We are confident that the new site will allow a better interaction with its visitors and improve the on-line contact should any question arise.

Thank you for your interest in INYSUR CONSULTORIA
INYSUR CONSULTORÍA is a consulting company in the field of mobility and transport both for people and freight. It can provide services at all the levels for which studies are required. Our deep knowledge of system analysis techniques, our great experience in the evolution of transport processes and interrelations and our multidisciplinary approach are key assets for our work at the planning level. At the other extreme, our technical background and our efficiency and flexibility are essential to support our activities at the management level.

The acquired experience over the last 30 years in the analysis, design, development and implementation of mobility systems has been consolidated in the present multidisciplinary team, which INYSUR puts at the service of society. The knowledge acquired in projects carried out for public administrations and major companies is within reach of all our customers. Our experience with the most advanced processes, technologies and solutions, is incorporated into our advice to clients supporting our continuous search for innovative ideas.

Experience, technology and professionalism are the drivers of the activities we put at our costumers’ disposal with the objective to find solutions to their mobility and transport problems taking into account their economic, environmental and territorial concerns and their financial limitations.