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Urban traffic management and highway networks and corridors planning and operation studies. We provide adapted advice on any traffic-related matter, from pedestrian and bicycle accessibility studies to the organization of the traffic flows and the design of traffic lights regulation, signposting and control centres.
Mobility Master Plans
- Traffic calming plans for old city centres
- Accessibility studies for new urban developments
- Local and Regional Mobility Master Plans

Road Networks
- Traffic counts planning and information provision
- National and regional road plans
- Studies of alternatives
- Simulation models

Dynamic traffic flow control
- Traffic flow speed measurement
- Variable messaging to improve flow, safety and reduce pollution

Impact studies
- Shopping centres
- Singular locations
Intersection studies
- Crossroads with traffic lights
- Roundabouts
- Junctions and intersections
- Signposting projects (fix and variable)

Multimodal roads
- Multimodal road actions
- Urban bicycle promotion studies
- Public transport (trams, buses) integration in the street network