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Planning, organization and exploitation of urban transport and taxi systems, and interurban transport systems (road, rail, air and sea transport).
Urban and interurban transport network optimization and design
- System diagnosis and service plans
- Demand forecasting
- Network modernization and improvement projects
- Simulation models

System monitoring
- Public transport performance observatory
- Measurements of commercial speed and other travel variables
Action programs for public transport promotion
- Bus lanes - Traffic light management to give priority to public transport
- Adaptation of bus lines itineraries and stops
- Quality of service evaluation (frequency, regularity, integrated fare systems, exploitation support systems, etc.)
- Intermodal integration (park and rides, coordinated pricing systems)
Quality programs
- Service quality indexes evaluation and definition
- Market survey and user satisfaction level
- Monitoring (velocity, frequency, regularity, timetables and information)

- Management and organisation projects
- Taxi fleet dimension evaluation
- Fare systems